Delta Center

Salt Lake City, UT

NBA - Utah Jazz

Project Overview:
When the iconic Delta Center, home of the NBA's Utah Jazz, approached us for a comprehensive sound system redesign, we were up for the challenge. The goal was to provide an immersive audio experience for every basketball fan attending the games, matching the adrenaline-filled nature of the sport with crystal clear audio.


  • Ensuring top-notch audio fidelity in a massive indoor arena.
  • Providing a versatile system to cater to varied events held at the venue, from basketball games to concerts.
  • Ensuring smooth audio communication and mixing capabilities across different sections of the arena.
  • Integrating with the existing infrastructure without major disruptions.


  1. Speakers, Amps, and DSP:
    Deployment: We utilized Electro-Voice's renowned line-up to deploy a combination of high-powered speakers, amplifiers, and DSP units. These components ensured every fan, from courtside seats to the upper decks, experienced uniform and exceptional sound.
  2. Brands and Models: Electro-Voice's latest series was our choice for speakers, amps, and DSP, owing to their outstanding performance in large venues and their reliability.
  3. Microphones:
    Deployment: To cater to in-game announcements, commentary, and interviews, we installed Electro-Voice's state-of-the-art wireless microphone systems. They ensured seamless, clear communication free of interference.
  4. Brands and Models: We integrated Electro-Voice's top-tier wireless microphone solutions recognized for their clarity and robustness in challenging environments.
  5. Mixing Consoles and Networking:
    Deployment: To achieve cohesive audio mixing and management, we implemented Midas mixing consoles. These consoles were strategically networked between the truck bay, front of house (FOH), and the video room. This allowed for seamless communication, real-time adjustments, and synchronization across various audio sources.
  6. Brands and Models: Midas, a brand synonymous with precision and quality, was our go-to choice. Their consoles are known for their exceptional audio mixing capabilities and were ideal for the complex demands of the Delta Center.


  • The Delta Center now boasts of an unmatched auditory experience, ensuring fans do not miss a beat of the action.
  • The versatile system caters effortlessly to various events, from the thrilling NBA games to mega-concerts.
  • The integrated networking between the truck bay, FOH, and video room has greatly streamlined operations and improved audio coordination.
  • Feedback from attendees, performers, and the Utah Jazz management has been overwhelmingly positive, with special mention of the crystal-clear audio clarity.

"DirectLink Marketing has truly transformed the Delta Center's audio environment. From the very first game post-installation, the difference was palpable. Their expertise, coupled with the power of Electro-Voice and Midas, has taken our venue's audio experience to the NBA elite." - Tech Services Dept.

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